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What Are Some Of The Pros And Cons Of A Furnace?

What are some of the pros and cons

We’ve just moved into fall. You know what that means, right? Yes, it means changing colors, holidays, big meals, and time with the family. But it also means something else that isn’t always quite so inviting:

Cold weather. And as we move deeper and deeper into fall and then into winter, that cold will only get more and more intense.

That’s why, at this time of year, it’s so important to be sure you have a reliable heating unit within your home. After all, as the temperatures plummet through the tail-end of the year, you and your loved ones could face serious health risks if you remain exposed to the cold conditions.

Luckily, in this day and age, we have enough heating options to choose from that we don’t have to worry about exposure to the cold. And perhaps one of the best options out there is a furnace.

But is a furnace right for you? While a furnace does offer some of the most reliable heating of any heating option, it DOES have its drawbacks, same as anything.

If you are unsure what these drawbacks are and whether they are enough to rule out a furnace as an option for you, then just read on for a quick list of some of the pros and cons of a furnace heater!

Furnace -- Cons

Let’s go ahead and start out on the wrong foot here: What are some of the drawbacks of a furnace?

  • Electric Furnaces Are Costly to Run

    With furnaces, you have two options: gas and electric. With an electric model, you will face higher utility bills.

  • Gas Furnaces Don’t Have As Long a Lifespan As an Electric Model Does

    A gas furnace has a shorter lifespan than an electric model does. While a gas furnace has a lower operating cost than an electric one does, the cost of more regular replacement might offset that benefit.

  • Gas Furnaces Pose Some Pretty Nasty Risks

    Because of the nature of their design, gas furnaces can pose some pretty nasty risks to your wellbeing: fires, explosions, carbon monoxide poisoning.

Furnaces -- Pros

Those issues notwithstanding, a furnace can be a top-notch option for your heating needs because of the following reasons:

  • Electric Furnaces Are Inexpensive to Install and Have a Long Lifespan

    Despite their generally higher operating cost, electric furnaces are more affordable than gas furnaces at the outset. On top of that, they also have a considerably long lifespan: 20 to 30 years.

  • Furnaces Provide Reliable Heating in Even the Coldest Winter

    A common heating option is the heat pump, which relies on the presence of warmth in the air to heat your home. This means that, should you be experiencing a particularly freezing winter, your heat pump might not be able to warm your home sufficiently. A furnace, on the other hand, can warm your home as much as you need it to during even the harshest winters.

  • Furnaces Require Less Maintenance Than Other Heating Options

    Heat pumps are for more than just heating: They also cool your home. This means that you’d use your heat pump every day of the year, causing more wear and tear and, thus, requiring more maintenance. On the other hand, you’d use a furnace only during the cool months, requiring less maintenance.

Have Your Furnace Work Handled By An Experienced Expert

Despite its drawbacks, a furnace is a great option when it comes to heating your home. And if you are in the market for professional furnace work -- everything from installation to annual furnace tune-ups -- then be sure to have that work handled by an experienced pro.

And if you live in or around the Kansas City area, then the pro for you should be none other than Ultra Heating and Cooling LLC. We have all the experience and the know-how to provide you with top-quality furnace work!

If you are looking for pros and cons of owning a furnace, then please call 913-717-8000 or complete our Online Request Form.

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