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kansas city heating and air conditioning

It’s important to keep your home cool when the summer weather rolls around. After all, if you remained exposed to the oftentimes intense summer temps without any sort of respite from them, you’d become quite unwell indeed in time.

On the flipside, it’s ALSO important to stay WARM in the winter. Indeed, just imagine going through an entire winter without any substantial and reliable source of heat: You’d be a snowman before New Year’s!

To avoid the summer heat and the winter frost, you’ll need quality heating and air conditioning in your home. And to do that, you’ll need to call on the Kansas City heating and air conditioning experts at Ultra Heating and Cooling LLC! We can outfit your home with reliable heating and air conditioning, and we can keep those much-needed installations running well for years with our quality repair services!


When summer rolls around in Kansas City, you know it. It’s inescapably and intensely HOT at all times until fall finally gives us some relief. During these intense months, your air conditioning won’t get so much as a MOMENT of a break, as it’ll be too busy chugging along, day and night, to keep this heat out of your home.

This constant usage can certainly take a toll on your air conditioning, ultimately resulting in breakdowns and other problems. Should any such problem plague your air conditioning, leaving you exposed to the heat, don’t sweat! Just call up Ultra Heating and Cooling LLC for a quick, quality air conditioning repair that’ll get and KEEP your A/C running once more!


Yes, Kansas is home to some pretty harsh summers, but that’s not ALL that Kansas City is home to. It’s also home to some pretty nasty winters. You’ll sweat all summer here, but you’ll also freeze all winter long.

And this means that your heating will chug away tirelessly all winter long. And, you guessed it: This constant work can strain your heating unit, ultimately causing it to break down, leaving without an ally in your fight against Jack Frost.

Well, not QUITE without an ally. You still have Ultra Heating and Cooling LLC, and no matter what the weather does to your heating, you can rely on us to get it working again so that you can enjoy all the loveliness of winter with none of the cold -- at least not in your home!

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