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cecil davis

Cecil Davis

Owner / Customer Service Relations

Cecil has been serving customers with heating and cooling comfort needs since 1985. He holds a Master Mechanical license and is active in helping customers all over the Kansas City metro area. "… for me it’s all about the customer, providing the very best service for each and every customer each and every time".

Cecil is also active in teaching heating and air conditioning technology at the local community colleges. He currently teaches classes at the Metropolitan Community College in the most current technology being used in the heating and cooling industry today.

john harris

John Harris

Owner / Customer Service Relations

John is a former elite athlete. He was 3-time National Champion for Olympic Weightlifting and Olympic Alternate for the 2004 Olympic Games. He lived and trained at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, Colorado and at the Olympic Education Center in Marquette, Michigan.

John is an experienced certified HVAC Technician and believes that customer service is the number one priority. "We appreciate our customers greatly and recognize that we serve them. Because of that, we run a successful business!"

Tom Greene

Tom Greene

Lead Installer

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